VMEX Finance EOY Update

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The last few months at VMEX have been busy, to say the least. Despite turbulent market conditions, the team at VMEX has been steadfast in building the best possible product to bring the next generation of open and permissionless lending to DeFi.

Now more than ever, we believe the future of lending will be built by DeFi protocols. Specifically, DeFi protocols that utilize dynamic and transparent risk systems to mitigate lending market risk — all while maintaining an open and permissionless structure. Despite how it often seems, we are still in the very early innings of decentralized lending and we believe there is much innovation needed and to come.

Year in Review

In the later half of 2022 VMEX went from an idea to a team of six and a mostly completed DeFi protocol with an extremely ambitious product roadmap for 2023. Over the past few months we have honed in VMEX’s MVP features and ‘23 roadmap, built VMEX’s MVP and started extensive testing, kicked off our seed round, and started discussions with potential launch partners. We are beyond excited to share what we have built in the new year.

So what’s the status?

MVP launch in Q1 ‘23! VMEX protocol’s initial feature set is complete and currently undergoing internal testing and peer review. The current plan is to launch the MVP in Q1 ‘23 and ideally undergo a formal audit beforehand, funding dependent.

Here are some features to expect to see in the MVP:

  1. Two VMEX managed pools (”safer” assets and “higher risk” assets).
  2. VMEX Curve / Convex strategies: Use Curve LP as collateral while VMEX deposits and auto-compounds your rewards on Convex for you.
  3. The ability for whitelisted users to create and manage VMEX pools (tranches).
  4. A transparent and dynamic asset and pool risk framework, allowing users to have clear insight into the potential risks associated with a given asset or pool on VMEX. With VMEX’s risk framework, the protocol DAO will set all asset specific parameters (LTV, interest rate, borrow/supply cap, etc.) for pool admins.
  5. A full suite of risk features, notably: risk adjusted borrowing capacity, flash loan attack prevention, TWAP collateral pricing mechanism, and liquidations powered by Chainlink Automation. More details on VMEX’s risk features and framework to come!

Select ‘23 roadmap items

  • VMEX token launch
  • Audits
  • Pool creation open to all
  • Partnership expansion — more pools managed by DeFi protocols
  • Expand base of assets and strategies supported (e.g. Balancer / Aura)
  • Full risk dashboard and further risk management innovation
  • Special purpose pools
  • Liquidation innovation
  • 👀

How to get involved?

Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord, we will soon be opening up product feedback discussions and beta testing. If you’re a DeFi protocol or power user interested in a partnership or being a pool admin send us a message.

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