Looking Ahead: VMEX's Road to Mainnet

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VMEX Finance’s Road to Mainnet

VMEX is a meticulously designed over-collateralized lending protocol that utilizes an isolated pool structure and embedded risk management framework to support the responsible expansion of collateral types in DeFi.

Our primary goal is to substantially enhance the integration of assets into DeFi by minimizing the obstacles for new assets to access deep and efficient capital markets. Our initial focus is on enabling interest-earning LP positions containing high quality assets as collateral. This is not currently available at scale at any existing lending protocol.

2023 is proving to be a successful year for VMEX Finance. From the Goerli Testnet launch to a successful first raise and growing our VMEX team, we are looking forward to doubling down on the success with another year of exciting milestones. Let’s look at what the team has accomplished as we prepare for mainnet.


Feburary 2023, VMEX Beta went live on Goerli Testnet.

Risk Framework & Tools

At VMEX, we believe that the foundation of a secure lending protocol hinges on robust risk management and Oracle security. This belief forms a critical component of our mission, as we strive to broaden the spectrum of assets available for use in lending protocols.

There are two high-level risk categories to consider when supporting a given asset: oracle risk and market risk. With that mind, we have developed two risk tools that are essential to VMEX’s ability to safely support higher risk assets: 1. Oracle attack simulator, and 2. Asset market risk simulator. Upon completion, we will share an in depth look at both of these tools.

VMEX Seed Round

We have had participation from MetaCartel Ventures, Rana Capital, and GuanxiDAO and opened round to DegenScore Beacon Pass holders and LobsterDAO NFT holders. We are in the process of closing our seed round so watch for updates on our Twitter.

Growing the team

The VMEX core team is expanding! Since the Goerli launch, we’ve expanded our Engineering and Marketing resources. The VMEX roster follows:

  • 2 Product & Growth
  • 6 Engineers (combination of FT and PT)
  • 1 Marketing

We value community governance and ecosystem contributors who share our vision. If you’re interested in contributing to VMEX, join our Discord and get involved.

Security Audits with yAudit

The beauty of DeFi lies in its open source and interoperable nature. However, the very features that make DeFi so compelling also drastically increase the potential for exploits. As a result, undergoing both formal security audits and crowd sourced audit competitions is a crucial step to securing a protocol.

We began our audit with YAudit on April 11th and will share the full report and learnings when it’s complete. We will also launch an audit competition with Hats Finance mid June. Watch for updates on our Twitter.

Events and Conferences

VMEX is building out its 2023/2024 conference schedule, with a focus on strengthening the VMEX Community. In addition to increasing user engagement, the team is increasing attendance at in-person events to fuel human interactions and show that behind VMEX, there are individuals who work with passion and enthusiasm.

Closing Thoughts

What has been achieved thus far is a testament to VMEX’s unparalleled versatility and dedication to the mission. Each year we will drive towards a new horizon. 2023 was focused on building out the protocol, and the remainder of the year through 2024, will be focused on our mainnet launch and integrating this infrastructure with the DeFi community.

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